So Sew Easy Schlep Bag

We are loving this Schlep Bag.  You can find the pattern here.  However, we did find a few glitches in the pattern, so after you print it, go over the following tips:

1.  In the cutting directions, bullet 2, it calls for you to cut two 8 1/2″ squares and two strips 7″ x 22″ for the handles from a 1/2 yard of fabric.  Actually you have only bought 1/4 yard fabric for the handles and top diamonds, so you will not have enough fabric to do this.  We made both handles from ONE 7″ x 22″ piece of fabric.  You will have enough fabric to do this, and if you follow the instructions below to make the handles, they are the perfect size and they will work out great!

2.  In the layout diagram, some of the triangles are turned wrong.  Follow this diagram instead:



3.  Here are photos of the process of sewing the sides of the bag:







4.  For the lining, you need to repeat step 3 for both bottom corners of the lining–the pattern only tells you to do this step on one corner.  This can be one of the trickiest parts to explain–if you don’t get it, here are some photos that will help:







5.  For the handles, fuse a 7″ x 22″ piece of decor bond, fuse-a-shade, or fusible fleece or batting (we prefer decor bond) to your 7″ x 22″ piece of handle fabric.  After fusing, cut the piece in half to yield two 3.5″ x 22″ handles.  Fold and press each in half lengthwise.  Open up and press 1/4″ toward the center on both 22″ sides of the handle.  Fold back together and then topstitch along both 22″ sides of handle.  Continue on to Final Assembly. 


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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for posting this information. My mom has made dozens of these and I have the luxury of having 2 of them! I think with your explanations I might even be able to make one of my own. I hope you don’t mind, but I linked this to my blog. I talk about cloth diapering and other obsessions that I find along my parenting trail. My favorite thing to use my schlep bags for is for toting my cloth diaper stash when we travel and I was sharing that in my latest post. Thank you!

  2. Esther says:

    I also found those glitches in the pattern and was surprised when on one of my groups someone claimed that this was a “professionally” published pattern and people should not be finding it for free.
    It is so much fun to make, glad you corrected the issues, I will refer people to your site instead of the one with the errors.

  3. lynn meeks says:

    just found this pattern i am going now to make it thanks

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